Rubber Bomb

Hey, who asked you?! - Uh, I mean, Wilkomen! Roger Wilkomen! [Strike that.]
The Rubber Bomb steers the unbiased viewer through a maze of naked aggression!
(No it, uh... no it doesn't. Does it really...? Hmph. What a shame.)

So, with gravest apologies and great trepidation... we bring you... well, it's the, uh...
The Rubber Bomb.


Look, we don't like it any more than you do, but times are tough.

The written word has got to burn the midday oil until
the recorded sound gets off it's ever-expanding fanny
and helps put some nonsense on the table for this family!

Hey, I love idle threats as much as the next guy
but I'll believe in an audio annex when I see it.

Welcome to the humble beginnings of the Rubber Bomb!

'Twas launched at the stroke of midnight of the year double doughnut.
Here, text roams unchecked. Just as it did at the turn of the century.
So maestro, once more... from the bottom!

Summer Reading Guide for Summer (Issue 3)
Why not get a preview of the finest literature available?
I'll tell you why not... you're already HERE.

The Späten Song (Issue 2)
The short and sordid story behind the history of the discovery
and subsequent adoption of our very own international anthem.

Number One Bomb (Issue 1)
You gotta step on the doormat if you wanna walk through the door!
That is, uh... you, uh... y'know what we mean... right?

Well lookie here... High quality [sic], finely crafted [really sic] merchandise.

Buy advertisement laden products NOW, gull durnit!

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