et tu Augusta?
Interview with the Flagstick
on the 16th green at Augusta National

Me: Hey, thanks for meeting with me.
Flagstick: No problem. They're overseeding my green--finally--so I've got some free time.
Me: So. Wow! The 16th at Augusta. Wow!
Flagstick: Yep.
Me: I mean, wow! The memories you must have!
Flagstick: Right.
Me: So, what's your favorite moment here?
Flagstick: Huh?
Me: You're favorite Master's moment here.
Flagstick: Oh, um, well . . . there have been so, um, . . . you know, so many.
Me: I bet its the '75 Masters, right? That long putt by Nicklaus?
Flagstick: Who?
Me: Jack Nicklaus. The '75 Masters. When he sank that long putt here to beat Weiskoff.
Flagstick: Oh, the '75 Masters. Right. I thought you said . . . Sure, sure, that was great. Just super.
Me: Or maybe 1995? When Crenshaw put his shot in tight to practically sew up the Green Jacket?
Flagstick: What? Oh yeah, yeah. Who, um, . . . who could forget that one?
Me: Or how about 1986, when Jack won his sixth . . .
Flagstick: Right, just classic. Look, can I bum a smoke off you?