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Denver (AP) -- The Colorado Rockies announced today that they have signed a Franklin Stove to a 3-year, six million dollar contract. Exact terms of the deal remain confidential, but sources close to the negotiations say that the first two years of the contract are guaranteed, with the Rockies holding the option on the third year. The Franklin Stove is expected to contend for the starting catching position this Spring.

The circa 1780's cast-iron Franklin Stove has sliding doors, which are used to control the flow of air through the stove, and is fueled by wood, charcoal or natural gas. The Franklin Stove spent last season in the middle of a living room, heating a single-story home near Sonora, California.

Upon hearing of the acquisition, new Rockie manager Buddy Bell stated: "I don't know Franklin personally, but my scouts tell me that he looks very impressive, and I can't wait to work with him come March."

Doug Kodo, writer for Fantasy Baseball Bi-Weekly, pegged the Franklin Stove's fantasy value at between 5 to 8 dollars. "I know he's just a stove, but he'll be playing in Colorado, so he should be good for 15 to 20 dingers easy."